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"RFA has always kept us, the client, well informed. Their dedication to research and education has given them a superior edge in the hedge fund market and we are entirely pleased to work with them."

Mr. Richard Bello, Managing Director Blue Ridge Capital Management


RFA: Trusted Technology Advisor

Support. Service. Security.

Our goal at RFA is to bring you an enterprise grade of technology support that will allow you to focus on your firm's core mission. Whether our clients require on-site or cloud-based solutions, telephony or data systems, fully-managed IT or targeted project consulting, RFA has the expertise to meet the industry-specific needs of our financial services clients.

RFA is a full-service solution provider, which means we always have the latest technology supported by fast, targeted service delivered by our team of certified IT consultants. We can also recommend trusted partners and evaluate third-party vendors. Our leadership is well-versed in the types and levels of technology required by funds to manage their investors’ assets in the most efficient, secure ways possible.