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"RFA has always kept us, the client, well informed. Their dedication to research and education has given them a superior edge in the hedge fund market and we are entirely pleased to work with them."

Mr. Richard Bello, Managing Director Blue Ridge Capital Management

Top Tips

  1. Consider a managed solution for ease and convenience
  2. Backups should be offsite with geographic separation
  3. Backups should be stored securely away from perils (fire, flood etc.)
  4. Avoid tape backup as it is susceptible to damage and loss
  5. Automated routines remove margin for human error
  6. Backup is not a business continuity solution; you still need disaster recovery infrastructure to restore your files and data.

Information and Downloads

Product Overview (PDF)


  1. No more tapes to manage, transport and store
  2. Reduces server costs. No tape libraries, tape drives, large disk systems at remote sites
  3. Reduces remote site bandwidth costs
  4. AES encryption reduces backup data theft making additional security costs unnecessary
  5. Eliminates growth penalties. No 'rip out' and 'replace' costs as it is scalable

RFA Data Vault

Tapeless Back Up & Restore

The best way to protect yourself from disaster is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Lost data is a common contributor to downtime that can lead to business failure. It is a significant, and typically hidden, cost in any business.

Recovering data and files from corrupted disks, accidental deletions, power failures and viruses can be a daunting task. Not to mention the hassle of obtaining the tapes from archives and recovering the information. Data Vault takes the pain away delivering a complete backup and restore solution.

Data Vault uses a Storage Area Network (SAN) that contains large scalable disks for storing your data and files in our data center in Purchase, New York.

  • Uses our SAN infrastructure
  • A remedy for failed data recovery
  • Rapid restore and recovery of data and files
  • Automated self healing backup
  • Incremental forever backups, multigenerational backups that are user defined
  • Multi-site distribution consolidates remote data from multiple sites
  • Requires no agents to manage the process
  • Data security 'in flight' or 'at rest'
  • Backup is 128bit, 196bit, 256bit AES encrypted