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"The RFA team really understands our business. They did an outstanding job building our infrastructure to match our business needs. I am very impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the entire team."

Frank Fitzgerald, Vice President O'Shaughnessy Asset Management

Top Tips

For Your Move

  1. Get the building's infrastructure specifications as a priority
  2. Get Cable for expansion, not just for now
  3. Use the right equipment; old recycled gear is always the next problem
  4. Build a communication room, not a communications closet
  5. Demand telecommunications diversity

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RFA Fast Launch

New Sites and IT Relocations

New Sites and Office RelocationsGetting your firm up and running doesn’t have to be complicated. As the trusted technology advisor to the financial services industry, RFA provides IT strategy consultation, project management and implementation services to clients as they establish new offices or expand existing workplaces. RFA has managed hundreds of relocations for clients ranging from large companies to small offices and employs road-tested best practices in every office design. In addition to project management, RFA provides comprehensive office services including IT room design, voice and data order management, vendor coordination and breakdown/setup of client’s network, servers and workstations.


Elements of a Successful Office Setup or Relocation

- Project Management - coordinate all aspects of the project between vendors
- IT Room Design - ensure all technology elements are protected and secure
Telecom Management - carrier selection and coordination
- Vendor Coordination - ensure project stays on-time and on-budget
Network, Servers, Phones and Workstations - physical setup of all technology elements
- Day 1 Support - guarantee all user requirements are met
- Ongoing Support




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